Liver logic aka 50 WAYS TO LOVE YOUR LIVER

Did you know?
...that the liver has 500 functions?
...that the liver can regenerate itself within days?
...that the liver metabolizes over 10,000 drugs?
...that the blood supply to the liver is primarily venous?
...that the liver is the second largest organ in your body
...that the number one cause of cirrhosis is NOT alcohol?

Listen to Barb's fascinating lecture on the liver in all of its glory. Barb takes you for a journey through an amazing organ that we tend to take for granted. It metabolizes drugs, booze, and synthesizes proteins, clotting factors, and stores blood, vitamins, and iron. You will gain a new respect for this 4-pound football-sized organ and an understanding that it is just as important as the heart, lungs, brain, and kidney--the more celebrated organ systems.


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