Barb Bancroft's approach to interpreting lab tests is a "must hear" for nurses in all areas and nurses at all levels. You will leave the seminar with a plethora of practical pearls that can be applied to your patients in the hospital, in the primary care facility, or in the ICU. The WBC and differential is discussed as it relates to viral infections, bacterial infections, and parasitic infections. Iron deficiency anemias will be differentiated from B12 and folic acid anemias--and, Barb will give you some helpful hints for patients with lead as a cause of anemia. The lipid profile will be discussed as will liver function tests and clinical correlations. Barb will also correlate various drugs with their effects on lab tests, including chemotherapy, antibiotics, statins, and other lipid-lowering agents.


"Barb Bancroft is phenomenal! She is able to make a generally boring topic exciting and interesting. I thought I'd doze off during the "lab interpretation" presentation but instead I learned so much. She is great; have her back yearly." (Sentara Healthcare, 8th Annual Medical-Surgical Symposium, May 3, 2006)