Neurology of Aging
Did you know that you reach your peak mental capacity at age 24? And then you have 6 good years. You are a mental giant between the ages of 24 and 30, and then the "party is over". But is it really? What happens the day after your 30th birthday? Pop a blueberry in your mouth and continue reading this blurb. Barb will discuss the changes occurring in the brain as it undergoes the process of senescence. What are considered to be normal age-related declines in cognitive function? What can you do NOW to delay this decline? Pop a blueberry in your mouth and continue reading this blurb.How can you boost the brain's ability to produce new neurons? New synapses? Barb will also discuss the common neurologic diseases associated with aging, including the epidemiology, pathophysiology, physical assessment, and pharmacologic management of each condition. Conditions to be included: Dementia of the Alzheimer Type (DAT), nutritional dementias, vascular dementias, Parkinson's disease, cerebrovascular disease, depression in the elderly, mild cognitive impairment, and more...What's new on the horizon for the treatment of neurologic conditions in the elderly? How might the "statin" drugs revolutionize the treatment of the aging brain? Will there be a vaccine against Alzheimer's disease in the near future? Join Barb for a delightful day of NEURO NUGGETS--for your own brain health and for the brain health of your aging friends, your aging family and your aging patients. And, don't forget to pop a blueberry in your mouth after you finish reading this blurb.