Say YES to drugs! How many drugs can one person take on a daily basis? Are they justified? Why is Florida the most drug-toxic state in the U.S.? What drug is responsible for the following statistic? The over-60 crowd the fastest rising group in the U.S. with STDs? What foods should be avoided with digoxin? What are other food-drug interactions that are clinically relevant? Barb will answer all of these burning questions and more in this one-day overview of drugs and the elderly patient. In addition, Barb will discuss the age-related physiologic changes that occur in the liver, the kidney's, the GI tract, the lean body composition, the fat distribution, and water distribution that play major roles in how drugs are handled by the older patient. Various interactions between the most common drugs will be discussed—sulfa drugs and warfarin for example. What drugs are constipating? What drugs cause cognitive dysfunction? Can patients take aspirin and ibuprofen at the same time? Why do PPI's interfere with B12 absorption and can this be a clinically relevant interaction? You'll leave this seminar with a million and one ideas concerning polypharmacy and the older patient.