Shampoos, Tattoos, and Barbeques—INFECTIOUS DISEASE UPDATE
This one day seminar provides an up-to-the minute overview and update on current issues in the world of infectious diseases. New vaccines, new diseases, new drugs and new bugs!! Barb will answer many questions you might have including: What's new in the world of vaccines?  Is it safe to travel the world today? Is it safe to eat the food where you travel and for that matter, is it safe to eat the food you buy here at home? What is the critical prenatal period for the ZIKA virus? There are lots of "microbes on the menu" in today's world—how can you avoid them and what are their clinical manifestations and treatment?  Barb discusses the benefits of antibiotic stewardship for all patients—not just patients in long-term care facilities. The ever-expanding role of fecal transplants in chronic C. diff patients, as well as some new experimental uses of fecal transplants will be explained. Senior living and STIs will open your eyes! Learn about why DEET is your new summer fragrance, how summer picnics can be hazardous to your health, why hand washing is still important, but also why there are a few "hazards" of using alcohol-based gels. Learn how long a tick has to be attached before you can acquire Lyme disease, how long a flu virus lives on a doorknob, how long a herpes virus lives on a toilet seat,  the absolute risk of acquiring hepatitis C from a fingerstick, and the absolute risk of acquiring hepatitis B from vertical transition from a mother. Barb's seminar on infectious disease is infectious—with laughter, enthusiasm, and a plethora of pearls you can take home and take back to your clinical practice.