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For more information regarding any of Barb’s seminars, please call or E-mail Barb at bbancr9271@aol.com



Schedule 2015


January 15 United Nurses' of Alberta, Edmonton CA

January 20, 21 Tampa General Hospital NP group, Tampa FL mjohansson@tgh.org

January 31 Unstress for Success. Take Care Health, Walgreens. Houston TX



February 9 Geriatric Gems. Calgary, AB www.nursinglinks.ca

February 10 Geriatric Gems. Edmonton, AB www.nursinglinks.ca

February 17 Geriatric Gems. Winnipeg, MB www.nursinglinks.ca


March 3 Pharmacology Update. LLCC, Springfield IL cheri.hammer@llcc.edu

March 7 West Sound NP Conference, Bremerton, WA fionafnp@centurytel.net

March 9 Physical Assessment. Saskatoon SK www.nursinglinks.ca

March 10 Physical Assessment. Regina SK www.nursinglinks.ca 

March 15 Infectious Disease Update. Wound Care Institute, Branson, MO Deanne@deanneblach.com

March 16 Keynote—Livin’, Learnin’ and Laughin’... through the Years: and breakout session—Interpretation of Lab Values; Wound Care Institute, Branson, MO Deanne@deanneblach.com

March 18 Ripped from the Headlines—Hot Topics. KCC, Kankakee IL dhdenson@kcc.edu

March 21 Pharmacology Update and Kiss My Asparagus. St. Louis NP Conference, St. Louis, MO Elaine.Steiniger@essehealth.com

March 23, 24 Shampoos, Tattoos, and Barbeques: What’s New in the World of Infectious Disease and Diabetes Update: A Touch of Sugar Maui, Hawaii.  Deanne@deanneblach.com

March 28 The Big C: Oncology Update. Dental Hygienists of Bellevue, WA March 30 Physical Assessment. Winnipeg, MB www.nursinglinks.ca

March 31 Physical Assessment. Toronto ON www.nursinglinks.ca



April 7 Diabetes Update. NCK Tech, Beloit KS budkechristine@gmail.com

April 9 Estrogen: Friend or Foe. Olgesby IL bonnie_jasiek@ivcc.edu

April 15 Adding Pazzzazz to Your Presentation…the Barb Way! Nurse Educator Institute. Branson MO Deanne@deanneblach.com

April 16 Shampoos, Tattoos, and Barbeques. Nurse Educator Institute, Branson MO, Branson MO Deanne@deanneblach.com

April 17 & 18 Shampoos, Tattoos, and Barbeques and Interpretation of Lab Tests. California Vocational Nurse Educators, myec@sbcglobal.net

April 20 Journey through the GI Tract. Lethbridge AB www.nursinglinks.ca

April 21 Journey through the GI Tract. Red Deer AB www.nursinglinks.ca

April 22 Keynote. Regina Association of LPNs, Regina, SK donna@speakers.ca

April 23 Diabetes Update. Yellow Knife, NWT, Canada ED@mantnu.ca

April 24 Pharmacology for NPs. Yellow Knife, NWT, Canada, ED@mantnu.ca

April 27 Diabetes. Grand Prairie AB, www.nursinglinks.ca

April 28 Physical Assessment. Vancouver BC, www.nursinglinks.ca

May 4 Hormonal Chaos. DDNA, Atlanta, GA
May 5 Diabetes Update. Owen College, Toledo OH Dawn_Wetmore@owens.edu

May 6 Livin', Learnin', Laughin' Through the Years. Mt. Sinai Hospital, Chicago IL

May 8 Diabetes—Past, Present, Future. NP Program Huntington WVA Marshall University workman@marshall.edu

May 11 Physical Assessment Update. Toronto ON www.nursinglinks.ca

May 12 Physical Assessment Update. Ottawa ON www.nursinglinks.ca

May 14 Neuro Through the Ages. Christ Hospital Chicago Diane.LaPorta@advocatehealth.com

May 19 Physical Assessment Update. London ON www.nursinglinks.ca
May 21 Live a Little, Laugh a Lot. Kathy Ward Foundation for Nursing Practice, Olean NY cengela@rehab.center.org

June 1 Physical Assessment Update. Calgary AB www.nursinglinks.ca

June 2 Physical Assessment Update. Edmonton AB www.nursinglinks.ca

June 4 Diabetes Update. Cincinnati Jewish Hospital
June 8 Interpretation of Lab Tests. Winnipeg MB www.nursinglinks.ca

June 9 Diabetes Update and Overview. Edmonton, AB www.nursinglinks.ca

June 16 Liver Logic. United Nurses of Alberta, Edmonton
June 22 School Nurse Conference, Destin FL www.deanneblach.com

July 23 & 24 Pharmacology—A Class Act. San Francisco www.deanneblach.com

July 27 & 28 School Nurse Program, Branson, MO deanne@deanneblach.com

July 29 Diabetes Update, Federal Bureau of Prisons, Springfield MO



August 21 Unstress for Success. AZOne Phoenix AZ

September 9, 10, 11 Polypharmacy, Neurology of Aging, The Old Ticker (The Aging Heart). CLPNA
September 14 Physical Assessment Update. London ON Canada www.nursinglinks.ca

September 15 Infectious Diseases—Ripped from the Headlines. Sioux City IA odonnelk@mercyhealth.com

September 16 Hot Topics Ripped from the Headlines. Springfield IL Cheri.Hammer@llcc.edu

September 17 & 18 Interpretation of Lab Tests. Infectious Diseases Update Carle Clinic Champaign, IL

September 21 Interpretation of Lab Tests. Calgary AB, Canada, www.nursinglinks.ca

September 22 Interpretation of Lab Tests. Edmonton AB, Canada www.nursinglinks.ca

September 24 TBA. Trauma Conference, Hamilton ON hanna@HHSC.Ca

September 25 & 26 HPV Update. Martinsville VA khurt@vcu.edu

September 28 Pharmacology Update. Winnipeg MB, Canada www.nursinglinks.ca

September 29 Pharmacology Update. Saskatoon, SK Canada www.nursinglinks.ca

October 1 Arkansas Department of Education, Elizabeth.Kindall@arkansas.gov

October 6 Interpretation of Lab Tests. Little Rock AR deanne@deanneblach.com

October 7 Physical Assessment. Update Ft. Smith AR deanne@deanneblach.com

October 8 Immunology Simplified. Ft. Smith AR deanne@deanneblach.com

October 9 Heart Matters. MSSU, Joplin Mo

October 10 Journey through the GI Tract. Chicago SGNA,  debgirn@comcast.net

October 15 TBA. CMSA Raleigh NC
October 19 Interpretation of Lab Tests. Toronto ON Canada www.nursinglinks.ca

October 20 Interpretation of Lab Tests. Ottawa ON Canada www.nursinglinks.ca

October 22 Neurology through the Ages. IVCC, Oglesby IL Bonnie_Jasiek@ivcc.edu

October 26 Interpretation of Lab Tests London ON Canada www.nursinglinks.ca

October 27 Lab Tests, Neuro, Unstress for Success. Troy MI Great Lakes Oncology Seminar Jwestendorp@wmcc.org

October 30 Diabetes Update. UMKC, Kansas City MO

November 3 Stroke Update. Edmonton AB, Canada www.nursinglinks.ca

November 5 Pharmacology Update. KCC, Kankakee IL dhd@kcc.edu

November 6 TBA. DDNA Conference, Bloomington IL turnerranch@yahoo.com

November 9 Stroke Update. Calgary AB, Canada www.nursinglinks.ca

November 10 Stroke Update. Winnipeg AB, Canada www.nursinglinks.ca

November 17, 18, 19 Polypharmacy, Neurology of Aging, The Aging Heart. CLPNA

November 20 Unstress for Success. Pathway Health Summit Minneapolis MN


Schedule 2016


February 2, 4 Diabetes Update. Flin Flon and Thompson, Manitoba IOlson@nrha.ca

February 8 Renal Update and Overview. Calgary Alberta www.nursinglinks.ca

February 9 Renal Update and Overview. Edmonton, Alberta www.nursinglinks.ca

February 16 Renal Update and Overview. Winnipeg, Manitoba www.nursinglinks.ca

March 5 Neuro-through-the-Ages. Bellevue, WA Dental Hygienist Group elisetanner@hotmail.com

March 10 Neuro-through-the-Ages. Springfield IL LLCC cheri.hammer@llcc.edu

March 14 Kiss My Asparagus, Interpretation of Lab Tests. Branson MO WOCN conference deanne@deanneblach.com

March 16 Pharmacology Update. Oglesby IL IVCC bonnie_jasiek@ivcc.edu

March 18 Infectious Disease Update. Springfield MO Mary.Higgenbotham@Mercy.Net

March 21 Renal Update and Overview. Saskatoon, SK www.nursinglinks.ca

March 22 Renal Update and Overview. Regina, SK www.nursinglinks.ca

March 28 Physical Assessment. Calgary Alberta www.nursinglinks.ca

March 29 Physical Assessment. Edmonton, Alberta www.nursinglinks.ca

April 1, 2 DDNA National Conference, San Diego CA
April 11 Physical Assessment. Lethbridge, Alberta www.nursinglinks.ca
April 12 Pharmacology Update. Red Deer, Alberta www.nursinglinks.ca
April 15 NEI National Conference, Branson MO deanne@deanneblach.com

April 16 Arkansas NP Conference, Little Rock deanne@deanneblach.com

April 18 Renal Update and Overview. Toronto, Ontario www.nursinglinks.ca

April 19 Renal Update and Overview. Winnipeg, Manitoba www.nursinglinks.ca

April 21 Infectious Disease Update. Springfield IL Illinois Healthcare Association, djackson@ihca.com

April 25 Renal Update and Overview. London, Ontario www.nursinglinks.ca

April 26 Renal Update and Overview. Ottowa, Ontario www.nursinglinks.ca

May 4 22nd Annual Mid-America Institute on Aging, Evansville IN
May 5 TBA. Cincinnati OH Jewish Hosptial LABroun@mercy.net

May 6 Diabetes through the Ages. WVa NP Conference, stouts@marshall.edu

May 10 Diabetes Update. Marianjoy Rehabilitation Institute, Wheaton, IL Jaime Gorska, jgorska@marianjoy.org

May 12 Pharmacology—A Class Act. Charlotte NC AHEC May.Cheung@carolinashealthcare.org

May 13 TBA. Asheville NC, Mountain AHEC, Elaine.Alexander@mahec.net

May 14 Pharmacology Update Danville VA kamela.deel@lpnt.net

May 16, 17 TBA. Canada www.nursinglinks.ca

May 18 Olean NY Kathi Ward Foundation
May 23, 24 TBA. Canada www.nursinglinks.ca

June 6 Neuro Through the Ages. Calgary, Alberta www.nursinglinks.ca

June 7 Neuro Through the Ages. Edmonton, Alberta www.nursinglinks.ca

June 9 TBA. Springfield, IL LLCC cheri.hammer@llcc.edu

July 18 Evaluation of the School-Aged Child. Kentucky School Nurses' Association, Lexington KY
July 20, 21, 22 Las Vegas Ripped From the Headlines; Game Changers; Neuro through the Ages. deanne@deanneblach.com

July 25, 26 School Nurse Conference, Branson MO deanne@deanneblach.com



September 10 Infectious Disease Update. Danville VA kamela.deel@lpnt.net

September 13 TBA. Springfield IL LLCC Cheri.Hammer@llcc.edu

September 29 Minnesota APIC

October 28 Interpretation of Lab Tests. Kankakee Community College 50th Anniversary dhdenson@kcc.edu


November 2 Physical Assessment—if you only have 5 minutes. Honolulu HI deanne@deanneblach.com

November 4 The Old Ticker—The Aging Heart. Honolulu HI deanne@deanneblach.com

November 7 Neuro-for-the-not-so-neuro-minded. Maui HI deanne@deanneblach.com

November 8 Interpretation of Lab Tests. Maui HI deanne@deanneblach.com

November 17 TBA. Palliser Healthcare Network, Medicine Hat, AB abbie.skrove@palliserpcn.ca



Any questions about the above seminars? Please don’t hesitate to call.

CPP Associates Inc  

3100 N. Sheridan Road #9C  

Chicago IL 60657
870-715-7508 (phone) 



Any of the above seminars can be tailored to the needs of the specific group—Nurse Practitioners, Primary Care Nurses, Critical Care Nurses, Infection Control Nurses, etc.


Barb’s seminars are up-to-date, down-to-earth, and provide ready-to-use clinical information that can be applied to your clinical practice immediately.  References are available.


Barb Bancroft, RN, MSN, PNP

3100 N. Sheridan Road #9C

Chicago IL 60657


If you wish to find out more about any of the above topics, please don't hesitate to call. We can also provide you with a list of references, Barb's Professional Vitae (also available here), and honorarium schedule. Ask about available dates to schedule your upcoming seminar.

Some of the above topics are on DVD. Check out Barb's DVD page, or contact us if you are interested in purchasing any of the above items as educational materials for your employees.

Topics can be tailored to dental groups including dentist's and dental hygienists and assistants, as well as corporate groups.

CPP Associates Inc   3100 N. Sheridan Road #9C   Chicago IL 60657  870-715-7508



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