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For more information regarding any of Barb’s seminars, please call or E-mail Barb at bbancr9271@aol.com



Schedule 2016


February 2, 4 Diabetes Update. Flin Flon and Thompson, Manitoba IOlson@nrha.ca

February 8 Renal Update and Overview. Calgary, Alberta www.nursinglinks.ca

February 9 Renal Update and Overview. Edmonton, Alberta www.nursinglinks.ca

February 16 Renal Update and Overview. Winnipeg, Manitoba www.nursinglinks.ca

March 5 Neuro-through-the-Ages. Bellevue, WA Dental Hygienist Group elisetanner@hotmail.com

March 10 Neuro-through-the-Ages. Springfield IL LLCC cheri.hammer@llcc.edu

March 14 Kiss My Asparagus, Interpretation of Lab Tests. Branson MO WOCN conference deanne@deanneblach.com

March 16 Pharmacology Update. Oglesby IL IVCC bonnie_jasiek@ivcc.edu

March 18 Infectious Disease Update. Springfield MO Mary.Higgenbotham@Mercy.Net

March 21 Renal Update and Overview. Saskatoon, SK www.nursinglinks.ca

March 22 Renal Update and Overview. Regina, SK www.nursinglinks.ca

March 28 Physical Assessment. Calgary, Alberta www.nursinglinks.ca

March 29 Physical Assessment. Edmonton, Alberta www.nursinglinks.ca

April 1, 2 DDNA National Conference, San Diego CA
April 7 Kishwaukee College Bette.Chilton@Kishwaukeecollege.edu

April 8 The Aging Heart, Kankakee Community College dhdenson@kcc.edu

April 11 Physical Assessment. Lethbridge, Alberta www.nursinglinks.ca
April 12 Pharmacology Update. Red Deer, Alberta www.nursinglinks.ca
April 15 Game Changers: What’s New in the World of Medicine and Nursing. NEI National Nurse Educator Conference, Branson MO deanne@deanneblach.com

April 16 Pharmacology Update. Arkansas ANPA Conference, Little Rock, Arkansas Carolin Hockersmith education@anpassociation.org

April 18 Renal Update and Overview. Toronto, Ontario www.nursinglinks.ca

April 19 Renal Update and Overview. Vancouver, BC www.nursinglinks.ca

April 21 Infectious Disease Update. Springfield IL Illinois Healthcare Association, djackson@ihca.com

April 25 Renal Update and Overview. London, Ontario www.nursinglinks.ca

April 26 Renal Update and Overview. Ottawa, Ontario www.nursinglinks.ca

May 4 22nd Annual Mid-America Institute on Aging, Evansville IN PGraul@usi.edu

May 5 Pharmacology—A Class Act. Cincinnati OH Jewish Hosptial LALongshore@mercy.net

May 6 Diabetes through the Ages. WVa NP Conference, stouts@marshall.edu

May 10 Diabetes Update. Marianjoy Rehabilitation Institute, Wheaton, IL Jaime Gorska, jgorska@marianjoy.org

May 12 Pharmacology—A Class Act. Charlotte NC AHEC May.Cheung@carolinashealthcare.org

May 13 Oncology Update. Asheville NC, Mountain AHEC, Elaine.Alexander@mahec.net

May 14 Pharmacology Update Danville VA kamela.deel@lpnt.net

May 16 Geriatric Gems. Toronto, Ontario www.nursinglinks.ca

May 17 Geriatric Gems. London, Ontario www.nursinglinks.ca

May 18 Olean NY Kathi Ward Foundation congel@rehabcenter.org

May 20 Virginia Organization of Nurse Executives Richmond VA  SXJacks1@sentara.com

May 24 Geriatric Gems. Ottawa, Ontario www.nursinglinks.ca

May 26 Oncology Update. Goldwater MI myers_dc@hotmail.com

June 6 Neuro Through the Ages. Calgary, Alberta www.nursinglinks.ca

June 7 Neuro Through the Ages. Edmonton, Alberta www.nursinglinks.ca

June 9 The Aging Heart. Springfield, IL LLCC cheri.hammer@llcc.edu

June 13 Neuro Through the Ages. Winnipeg, Manitoba www.nursinglinks.ca

June 14 Diabetes Update Saskatoon www.nursinglinks.ca

June 30 Diabetes Update—Weighty Issues. Wellmont, Bristol TN carol.carter@wellmont.org

July 18 Evaluation of the School-Aged Child. Kentucky School Nurses' Association, Lexington KY
July 20, 21, 22 Las Vegas Ripped From the Headlines; Game Changers; Neuro through the Ages. deanne@deanneblach.com

July 25, 26 School and Pediatric Nurse Conference, Branson MO deanne@deanneblach.com



September 10 Infectious Disease Update. Danville VA kamela.deel@lpnt.net

September 13 Immunology Simplified. Springfield IL LLCC Cheri.Hammer@llcc.edu

September 14 TBA IHCA Peoria IL djackson@ihca.com

September 19 Physical Assessment. Winnipeg MB www.nursinglinks.ca

September 22 TBA Parsippany NJ Bayada Home Health

September 26 Pharmacology. Calgary AB www.nursinglinks.ca

September 27 Pharmacology. Edmonton AB www.nursinglinks.ca

September 29 TBA Minnesota APIC Minneapolis terri@lakeviewmedical.org

October 4 & 6 Lafayette Hill, PA Bayada Home Health
October 5 AACN Perrysburg, OH

October 12 Interpretation of Lab Tests. DoubleTree—Fort Smith, AR deanne@deanneblach.com

October 13 Pharmacology Update. NW AR Embassy Suites Convention Centers, Rogers, AR
October 14 The Old Ticker—The Aging Heart. Hennessey Conference Center, Baptist Health System, Little Rock, AR

October 17, 18 TBA Executive Links, www.nursinglinks.ca

October 19 Concord NC Bayada Home Health

October 20 Neuro Update. Bristol CT Connecticut DDNA pell2@icloud.com

October 24, 25 TBA, Executive Links, www.nursinglinks.ca

October 27 IVCC Oglesby IL bonnie_jasiek@ivcc.edu

October 28 Interpretation of Lab Tests. Kankakee Community College 50th Anniversary dhdenson@kcc.edu


November 1 Infectious Disease Update. Evansville IN St. Mary's Hospital smbuchanan@stmarys.org

November 3 The Old Ticker—The Aging Heart. Honolulu HI deanne@deanneblach.com

November 4 Pharmacology Simplified. Honolulu HI deanne@deanneblach.com

November 7 Interpretation of Lab Tests. Maui HI deanne@deanneblach.com

November 8 Neuro-for-the-not-so-neuro-minded. Maui HI deanne@deanneblach.com

November 10 Tempe Az Bayada Home Health
November 14, 15
TBA Executive Links, www.nursinglinks.ca

November 17 TBA. Palliser Healthcare Network, Medicine Hat, AB abbie.skrove@palliserpcn.ca

November 21, 22 TBA Executive Links, www.nursinglinks.ca
November 28, 29 TBA Executive Links, www.nursinglinks.ca


December 5, 6 TBA Executive Links, www.nursinglinks.ca




Any questions about the above seminars? Please don’t hesitate to call.

CPP Associates Inc  

3100 N. Sheridan Road #9C  

Chicago IL 60657
870-715-7508 (phone) 



Any of the above seminars can be tailored to the needs of the specific group—Nurse Practitioners, Primary Care Nurses, Critical Care Nurses, Infection Control Nurses, etc.


Barb’s seminars are up-to-date, down-to-earth, and provide ready-to-use clinical information that can be applied to your clinical practice immediately.  References are available.


Barb Bancroft, RN, MSN, PNP

3100 N. Sheridan Road #9C

Chicago IL 60657


If you wish to find out more about any of the above topics, please don't hesitate to call. We can also provide you with a list of references, Barb's Professional Vitae (also available here), and honorarium schedule. Ask about available dates to schedule your upcoming seminar.

Some of the above topics are on DVD. Check out Barb's DVD page, or contact us if you are interested in purchasing any of the above items as educational materials for your employees.

Topics can be tailored to dental groups including dentist's and dental hygienists and assistants, as well as corporate groups.

CPP Associates Inc   3100 N. Sheridan Road #9C   Chicago IL 60657  870-715-7508



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